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Affiliate Reseller Marketing Tools 

An affiliate reseller program is an increasingly popular form of online marketing, in which a website that refers business to your website is paid a commission.

Referrals are steered to your site via a specially coded banner or link, which appears on sites that have agreed to send business your way.

The concept has captured the imagination of marketers, because it represents an unrivaled opportunity to base advertising on a pay-per-performance model. Instead of paying advertisers and "hoping for the best," merchants using affiliate marketing programs pay only when advertising results in an actual sale.

Your Affiliate Reseller Program
Get Your Affiliate Program - If You Don't Have One
With our service, you'll be able to offer a full-featured affiliate marketing program on your own site. Hosted on our servers as a turn-key solution, the service does not require any software for you to download, or any installation details to fret over.

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