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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Funerals

What is an Online Funeral?
The coronavirus is canceling life's biggest moments and leaving families heartbroken...... 
With your Online Funeral you, your family Members, and Friends can all attend and participate in a loving, dignified service for your deceased loved-one. Everyone can attend without the cost of travel -- from your computer at  your own home and at a fraction of the cost.

What Services Do You Provide?


Family can attend service 'Live' or in a special Online Meeting.
Event streaming with special accommodation for Speakers (from anywhere in the world)
Prerecorded  messages from Family Members in 'Talking Family Book.'
Messages to Guests
Virtual 'Receiving Line' of Guests
Video messages to thank all those participating in the service.

Participation Online from anywhere in the world with your own computer from your own home
Access via especially posted 'Event Link' 
Prerecorded messages in 'Talking Condolences Book.
Participation in Virtual 'Receiving Line'

What Do I Need?

Not much

Computer with Internet Access.

What Does It Cost?

1. Cost for  Online Funeral is $1,495.

2. Service includes up to 100 participants. Add $100 for attendance over 100.

How Do You Save Money?

Let's make sure we compare 'apples and apples.'

Our program covers the Online Funeral Service -- coffin, burial, cremation, etc. are extra. Due to coronavirus restrictions, in most places you CAN NOT have a 'live funeral service.' We therefore provide an ideal solution to folks that 'Want To Do Something.'


  1. No cost for Funeral Service Venue (our Event is Online).
  2. No cost for after-service refreshments or catering.
  3. No travel and hotel cost for Family Members and Dear Friends.

Assume you have a Funeral Service for 30. It would cost $750 - $1,500 for the venue plus refreshments. Assume 10 of the 30 will have have to pay for travel expenses (if they are willing to travel). That comes on top.

Our cost to you is only $1,495, you can have as many attending as you wish, you can have a 'live' receiving line, included Online Condolences, plus a complementary Video copy of the Service for everyone.

What If I Need Your Service For Another Funeral?

1. Cost per funeral is $1,495

2. Service includes up to 100 participants. Add $100 for attendance over 100.

Who Is Using The Funeral Support Program?

Anyone who needs to do Funeral Planning!

That includes seniors planning their estate, those doing planning for a deceased Family Member or Friend, companies that want to commemorate a departed colleague, nursing homes, religious organizations, etc.

Do You Offer A Wholesale Rate?

Yes, we offer wholesale opportunities to selected individuals if you want to offer your Own Funeral Support Online.

This is an ideal opportunity for Funeral Directors, Corporate HR Departments, Nursing Homes, and compassionate Internet Entrepreneurs, etc.

How Can I Use The Apps Separate From The Funeral Service?

With the $997 on-time license fee you get 3 Apps (Your Talking Business Card, VMail Blaze, and Webinar Blaze). These Apps are the  key components for your Online Funeral.

Separately, you can use Webinar Blaze to conduct Online Meetings (like Book Clubs, Online Travelogues, etc.) and to conduct Webinars. VMail Blaze is your included Audio/Video recording studio. The Talking Business Card allows you to tell the world about yourself and what you're doing.

And again, you receive one included Funeral Service and your apps are free forever!

Can You Use Zoom For The Online Funeral?

You can use Zoom, but it is not advised. Your included Online Meeting Solution plus included A/V Recording studio is ideally suited for Online Funerals and easy to use for your participants.

What Extras Are Available?
  1. Funeral Financing Option.
  2. Ordained Minister Option.
  3. Musical Tribute
  4. Special Home-delivered Refreshments

How Did You Come Up With This Program?
  1. My family lives in Europe and my wife and I live in the US. Since we are getting older we needed a solution to avoid transatlantic travel plus hotel cost in case of the death of one of the family members.
  2. And then Coronavirus came, increasing the demand for Online Events, especially Online Funeral Services. So we adapted our original approach and came up with a much-needed Online Funeral Solution.