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Business Plan

These six apps that will help you work smarter without breaking the bank. Own them all now for $197 before they go to $997. Each is worth more than today's asking price.
We've bundled our TOP SELLING communication products into an affordable package with an exceptional pay plan for MLM partners.
SpotOn is the smartest payment processing solution for small businesses. We empower our merchants by combining payment processing with easy-to-use customer engagement tools, all in one platform. We’re focused on helping our merchants create meaningful relationships with their customers, saving them time and money with an experience that exceeds expectations.
Narrated Introduction To Daniel's Business Plan
I would like you to first get birds eye view of my sales and marketing plan. Once you have seen the 5 min. video overview I suggest that you visit the MindMap below to get all the details of the plan.
Business Plan Mindmap
Click the little arrows pointing to the right next to the subjects shown. This will take you to the url links of the subjects covered for more detailed presentation of my SpotOn sales plan. Watch in Full Screen for better access!
Talking Business Cards Explained
This is how Talking Business Card works...... Imagine I'm at a Tradeshow talking to 'live' prospects. So who talks to my visitors who just want a business card and know what I'm doing? I point to my sign with my QR code. My visitor scans my QR code sign with their smartphone’s camera and my Talking Business Card starts to talk about me and my business. With one click of a button they can add all my information to their cell phone’s contacts.
Daniel's Talking SpotOn Business Card
This will be one of my most effective tools to generate new SpotOn business: the 'Talking' extension of my regular SpotOn business cards that will be recruiting 24/7------ while I'm not even there!
LinkedIn Concierge Service
I get many requests from people wanting me to participate in demo presentations in hopes that I will partner with them. I am not able to attend them all so this is my way of dealing with the huge amount of requests. Simply use our video feature to explain your program to me and what you expect from me. You have 7 minutes of recording time, please make it count to ensure a reply.
Concierge Service Explained
When LinkedIn marketers send prospects like you and I a demo request, they hope to be contacted soon -- ideally immediately. Many are goal-oriented enough to send out a 'calendar invitation' right away to schedule a live demo in the first message. But how do you manage ALL those demo requests?
Guaranteed Results Online
We help you build a fully automated marketing program that gives you the most effective, proven, state-of-the-art tools to generate traffic and optimize results. Whatever business you are in - or cause you are promoting - our programs guarantee you Internet success!
Coronavirus Business Recovery Group
Our goal is to build a Network of Small Business supporters -- called 'Life Boats' -- who will provide tools or services free or at a sharp discount to help Small Business Owners make it through the coronavirus pandemic.
Home Biz Leads
For over 12 years, we've helped serve over 13,000 network marketers around the world. And just last year, we helped create over 2.2 MILLION new connections between our customers and new network marketing prospects. Our products come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for exclusive, shared, real-time or aged solutions, we can help you build your network marketing business.
Leads Management System
A better prospect experience, or prospecting funnel, the more engaged the prospect becomes in their network marketing search. In turn, if we can give that prospect an experience they never forget and help educate the prospect along their search, it will result in a higher quality prospect (and conversation) for YOU!
Capture Page
How Thousands Are Quietly “Sidestepping” the Doom and Gloom with a System that Can Help You Build a Monthly Income…from Home.
Your Prospect Toolbox account comes with a fully-customizable Marketing Website, designed to help you promote your company and opportunity. Your website is all set up and ready to use.
Enjoy Our Presentations!
SpotOn's simplified video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing. We will be using this frequently to have one-on-one followups with SpotOn prospects as well as webinars for interested groups and educational meetings.
Informative, Short,Tutorials
Read these tutorials that present a blueprint on how to implement the program of your choice. They will help you get off to a very fast start.
Coronavirus Small Business Life Boats
We are building a Network of Small Business supporters -- called 'Life Boats' -- who will provide tools, services free or at a sharp discount, and financial support to help Small Business Owners make it through the coronavirus pandemic.
Fundraiser Explained
We will start donating 250 Online Communication Apps to help small companies rebuild business they have lost.




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